This is a cooking blog.

It is dedicated to capturing and publicizing the weekly recipes and tinkerings of Karl Lueck (Myr’s dad).  Each Sunday, plus major holidays and family events, Karl accepts a challenge: it may be reinterpreting a regional cuisine, an iron-chef-like approach to a key ingredient, or even just a satisfying response to a vague craving.  Each week he rises to the occasion, and types up his methods and modifications afterwards.

Why Jabberwocky Stew?

Well, my dad has a number of well-known idiosyncrasies. Among them is a great fondness for the poem Jabberwocky, and an ever growing number of increasingly nerdy parodies thereof. Go ahead and ask him sometime and he’ll recite the one “translated into plain geometry” that he memorized in high school. Given a vorpal sword and a giant pot, he’d probably make a damn fine stew out of Jabberwocky, too.

Banner image builds on a photo by Oriol Gascón


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  2. Ahmad haddad

    Can I buy trader joe falafel from you

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