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Karl’s Thanksgiving Stuffing

This year we had a Thirdsgivingday feast (the third day after Thanksgiving–an Eilene-ism).  The kids were having Thanksgiving dinner with friends, so I was doing the whole Roast Turkey dinner thing as our Sunday dinner.

I don’t do much of anything special when I cook a turkey (butter, poultry seasoning and some kind of citrus in the cavity (lemon or orange, whatever I have to hand).  My dressing, on the other hand, is something I always make.   It is based on my mother’s Poultry Dressing recipe, but I have taken it a long way from there. This year I had to leave out the pecans, because Jan had used them all for her Pecan Tarts. But it is all good, this is a very flexible recipe.

Thanksgiving Stuffing

Thanksgiving Dinner

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Karl’s Harvest Pumpkin Mini-scones

This is adapted from a King Arthur Flour recipe. I, being by nature unable to follow any recipe, upped the spices and reduced the salt. Americans tend to use way too much salt most of the time.

One problem I ran into in making this treat was that the Trader Joe’s canned Organic Pumpkin I was using was very dry. This is the opposite problem I usually have with using fresh steamed pumpkin, which tends to be very watery, giving you the dilemma of getting rid of the excess fluid.  In this case I used whey to make up the moisture. I usually do not have whey lying around my kitchen, but Eilene made fresh butter to go with the meal (see the post below). Milk or cream would work as well, but I was looking for a way to use up the whey.

Mini Scones

Karl’s Mini Scones

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Karl Don’t Make These Crackers

We celebrated Jan’s birthday this week so I made her favorite soup, Karl’s Crawdady Corn Chowder.  I have already posted that recipe (in August), but I also made her favorite crackers to go with it. This started as a bon appétit recipe for Common Crackers, which I seriously tweaked. The first time I made this recipe they came out as flakey, crisp crackers. The second time I made it they were chewy, round rocks. The secret is getting the butter incorporated into the flower without letting it melt into the butter. To paraphrase an old saying, “warm hands, bad tart.” Continue reading


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