Eilene’s Fresh Butter

This is not really a recipe in the strictest sense or original in any way. Eilene has made this the last two years and it really is better than stick butter. This is a good task for young children who want to be part of the Thanksgiving cooking process, but that you do not want handling sharp knives.

Ingredients and Equipment

1 pint whipping cream

1 qt. jar, clean with a tight fitting lid


1. Pour cream in jar, seal and shake until your arms fall off.

2. At a certain point the cream will turn into a solid lump in the jar, but you are not finished yet.  The fats and proteins have bound together, but they are still holding the whey (most of the liquid part of the cream) inside their matrix like a big sponge.

3. At this point an adult (or older child) should take over the shaking to slam the mass back and forth in the jar to squeeze the whey out of the sponge.

4. Pour the whey into a separate small jar and scoop the butter into a bowl.  Chill until serving time.

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