The Inverted Peanut Butter Cup of the Lueck Ladies

[Back hand, stage whisper] “The secret is the chocolate is on the inside!”

The [trademarked chocolate and peanut butter confection] Challenge. This entire meal resulted from Myr having made peanut butter cookies from an Alton Brown recipe. Myr followed the recipe fairly closely, except that she did not have chunky peanut butter. She made do with smooth PB and added fresh chopped peanuts. Even after she had made dozens of large cookies, she still had a quarter of the cookie dough left over. When she told her mother about this, Jan said, “That would make a good pie crust and we could fill it with Claudia’s Chocolate Mousse. I also just bought a bottle of “Voodoo,” a chocolate and peanut stout. Karl, make a dinner with chocolate and peanuts!”

The Inverted Peanut Butter Cup of the Lueck Ladies

The Inverted Peanut Butter Cup of the Lueck Ladies

My solution to the  [trademarked chocolate and peanut butter confection] challenge was Karl’s Chicken Cacao with Peanuts and Mango with Karl’s Kale with Mushrooms and Karl’s Peanut Rice.

After dinner note: Everything was a success, except the “Voodoo” ale. In pale hard to read letters it actually said, “Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Banana Ale.” All you could really taste was the banana and the girls found it undrinkable.  I am thinking of making banana beer bread with the rest of it.

The Inverted Peanut Butter Cup of the Lueck Ladies


2 cups peanut butter cookie dough (Alton Brown’s or your own favorite recipe)
½ batch of Claudia’s Chocolate Mousse


1. Press the dough into a pie pan (either one large one or several mini-pie tins).

2.  Bake the crust for ten minutes at 400°F.

3. While cooking the crust will puff up. Press down on the cookie at the bottom of the pan when you remove it from the oven. Leave the sides or edges alone.

4. While you are cooling the crust completely make Claudia’s Chocolate Mousse.

5. Fill the crust with the mousse, before it sets up, and put the pie in a cool place to firm up.

6. Garnish with chocolate shavings and serve.

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