Claudia’s Pizza

Before I left home for the first time, I sat down with my mother’s recipe box and wrote down my favorite dishes.  She would make pizza for dinner almost every Sunday. It was a fight to see who would get left-over pizza for breakfast the next morning. I have changed it some since then, but this is her original recipe.

Claudia’s Pizza

Dough Ingredients

¼ cup sugar
¼ cup oil
2 tsp. salt
¾ cup nonfat milk
1 pkg. yeast
6+ cups flour, to make a medium dough

Sauce Ingredients

1 clove garlic
2-3 tbs. oil
2 cans tomato sauce
1 tsp. dry oregano, crumbled

Topping Ingredients

½ lb. pepperoni, sliced thin
1 lb. cheese, grated
1 Tbs. oregano


1. Combine dough ingredients, knead for 5 minutes and set to rise.

2. While dough is rising make the sauce.  Fry the garlic in the oil.

3. Remove the pan from the heat and allow it to cool for a while before adding the tomato sauce to prevent it from splattering.

4. Add one can of water, using it to rinse out both tomato sauce cans.

5. Add the oregano and simmer sauce for a few minutes.

6. Remove sauce from the heat and let cool.

7. Divide the dough into four portions and roll them out until they are thin and the size of a pizza pan.

8. Put them on a greased pizza pan and spread on the sauce.

9. Scatter pepperoni, cheese and a light dusting of oregano over the pizzas.

10. Bake them at 375° until nicely browned on the bottom.


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