Karl’s Orange Dinner

In the continued effort to make meals for Jan that she doesn’t have to do any biting—she has two front tooth temporary caps—I suggested salmon for dinner. She thought yams were a good soft starch to go with the fish. She then suggested that this was an Orange Dinner.

Karl’s Orange Dinner

Karl’s Orange Dinner

The salmon dish was barely a recipe—bit of salt and a layer of thin lemon slices. I popped in under the broiler for 10-15 minutes. Finally, I transfer the fish gently to a serving platter.

Karl's Broiled Lemon Salmon

Karl’s Broiled Lemon Salmon

The yam was even less of a recipe. I was making pumpkin pudding for dessert and I just added to the oven as it was cooking. A pat of butter and it was finished.

Roasted Yams

Roasted Yams

Karl's Pumpkin Pudding

Karl’s Pumpkin Pudding

I needed a orange dish salad to complete the meal. Jan suggested mandarin oranges. This orange salad was the only new recipe for this meal.

Karl's Mandarin Orange Salad

Karl’s Mandarin Orange Salad

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