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Karl’s Baked Italian Chicken

As my main dish to go with my farro salad, I decided to bake some chicken. When I was a child—in the ‘60s—my mother would bake chicken drenched in Wishbone Italian dressing—son-in-law pointed out that her remembered that this recipe was actually on the bottle. Since I had already made more dressing that I needed for my salad I decided to replicate this fondly remembered dish.

Karl’s Baked Italian Chicken

Karl’s Baked Italian Chicken

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Karl’s Chicken Teriyaki (Claudia’s style)

When I was leaving home as a youth, this is one of the first recipes I copied out of my mother’s card file. When Dad returned from Japan in the early ‘50s, he brought back a love of all things Japanese and several Japanese recipes. My mother was making chicken teriyaki when it was still an exotic foreign food in California.

Karl’s Chicken Teriyaki (Claudia’s style)

Karl’s Chicken Teriyaki
(Claudia’s style)

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