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 Karl’s Cinnamon-Swirl Currant Bread

Wife Jan is interviewing job applicants over the next two weeks. The university will only cater groups of 10 and there will only be five for breakfast during the interviews. Jan asked me to cater the sessions—deviled eggs, a baked good, and fruit salad.

 Karl’s Cinnamon-Swirl Currant Bread

Karl’s Cinnamon-Swirl Currant Bread

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Karl’s Cinnamon Sugar Monkey Bread

Every month, Jan and usually, my daughter, Miriam attend the monthly Ethno Breakfast. While many of the larger companies have discovered the usefulness of using Anthropologist to research what their customers need and want, they usually only hire one or two. This leaves these Ethnographers isolated from others who really “get” what they are talking about. The Ethno Breakfast gives them a chance to socialize and discuss problems and solutions—topics that do not really interest the company officers and computer engineers, with whom  they spend much of their days.

Karl's Cinnamon Sugar Monkey Bread

Karl’s Cinnamon Sugar Monkey Bread

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