Karl’s Braised Cajun Collard Greens

Adapted from Jolinda Hackett, About.com Guide

For this Sunday’s feast I am making Jambalaya. Jambalaya is really a one pot meal, but it is heavy on the meats and starch. I wanted a green vegetable side dish to balance out my meal.  Jan and I are in complete agreement about okra. It may be one of the classic Cajun/Southern vegetables, but despite our Southern roots (Virginia and Mississippi) we both dislike it. Many of the things calling themselves “Cajun vegetables” on the internet were just regular veggies with some Cajun spice thrown on top. I finally decided on collard greens, another classic Southern vegetable.  I would not, however be cooking it in the Southern fashion, the way our mothers did, boiling it down to a sludge. California-Style, braising until just tender, is my plan, with a little red pepper for color.

Karl’s Braised Cajun Collard Greens

Karl’s Braised Cajun Collard Greens

After Dinner Note: This was a great dish! Everyone loved it. Collard greens do not get exactly tender (why our moms cooked it to sludge), but they get soft enough to eat after about 20 minutes.

Karl’s Braised Cajun Collard Greens


2 Tbs. butter
1 yellow onion, diced
6 cloves garlic, sliced
1 large bunch collard greens (about 1 lb) rinsed and chopped
¾ cup white wine (chicken stock or water)
1 red bell pepper, large dice
1 tsp. Karl’s Cajun Spice Blend


1. Sauté the onions and the stems of the collard greens in the butter until they start to pick up some color.

2. Add the garlic and continue sautéing one minute more.

3. Add the rest of the collard greens, wine and spices. Cook covered for about 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Note: Collard greens are a very sturdy green and it may take a while to get them tender, especially if they are large.

4. Add most of the red peppers and cook. Covered, until greens are tender, 2-4 minutes more.

5. Remove to a serving bowl and garnish with the remaining red pepper.

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