Karl’s French Chicken Salad Croisandwich

I am not sure that this even counts as a recipe.

Karl’s French Chicken Salad Croisandwich

Karl’s French Chicken Salad Croisandwich

I have leftover Karl’s French Chicken Salad from last night. I usually try to have leftovers from my meals, so that someone (or several) can have a nice lunch the next day. Jan wanted crackers with her serving of chicken salad. I decided to put mine on a croissant.

Karl’s French Chicken Salad Croisandwich


1 croissant

½ cup Karl’s French Chicken Salad


1. Slice the croissant in two.

2. Spread the chicken salad over the bread.

Tip: You may eat it cold, but it is better if you microwave the sandwich for 15 seconds to warm the salad.

Note: The Chicken salad is already dressed so you do not need to add and mayonnaise  and/or mustard.


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3 responses to “Karl’s French Chicken Salad Croisandwich

  1. I looked at this while in a meeting. Now I want a sandwich.

  2. inte fan gör det det

    Yummy! 🙂 Looks good!

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