Karl’s Persian Refrigerator Pickles

Surf-and-turf is a high protein meal that begs for a variety of interesting vegetables. I decided to make some quick pickles for Miriam’s birthday party this Saturday. I thought some sweet and sour pickles will offset the grilled vegetable dishes I am making.

OOPS: I just caught the typo. Ummm, tastes like pork.

Karl’s Persian Refrigerator Pickles

Karl’s Persian Refrigerator Pickles

Serving Karl’s Persian Refrigerator Pickles

Serving Karl’s Persian Refrigerator Pickles

Note: It is curious how, even before you can take a picture, pickles seem to jump right off the top of the pile.

After Dinner Note: These came out tasting very close to a Bread-and-Butter pickle.

Karl’s Persian Refrigerator Pickles


5 Persian cucumbers

¾ cup white vinegar
¾ cup sugar
½ tsp. black pepper corns
½ tsp. celery seeds
½ tsp. mustard seeds
½ tsp. Kosher salt

Additional items

Wide mouthed quart canning jar with lid


1. Select cucumbers that are close to the same size and length. Rinse, trim and quarter lengthwise.

Tip: Cut a quarter inch off the flower end of the cucumbers and a half inch off the stem ends. This is where much of the bitterness of the cucumber resides.

2. Pack the cucumber spears into the jar.

Tip: Lay the jar on its side and stack the spears into the jar. For the last few spears, turn the jar upright and push the final spears into the jar.

3. Put the remaining ingredients into a small pot and bring it just to a boil.

4. Pour the hot vinegar solution over the cucumbers in the jar.

Tip: If the solution does not quite fill the jar add a little hot water to top it off. The cucumbers should be completely submerged.

5. Put the lid on the jar and seal it tightly.

6. Cool the jar completely on the counter and then put it in the refrigerator.

7. Let the cucumbers pickle for at least one day—two is better.

8. Serve cold or at room temperature and consume within one week.

Note: If you want your pickles to last longer than one week, submerge the jar—with a loosely tightened lid—in a hot water bath and boil it for 20 minutes. The sealed jars will last a month or two, but consume the pickles within a week after opening.


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