Claudia’s Potato Salad

I making potato salad for the Fourth of July today, and I am making it based on, my mother, Claudia’s recipe. I have had to make some adjustments—I am not trying to feed seven hungry mouths and—while I remember there being celery in it—there was none listed on her 3×5 card recipe. Another twist is that Myr and Chris are on the Atkins diet, so I decided I would make a second salad—with cauliflower replacing the potatoes—just for them.

Note: What you see below is everything that was types on the original recipe card.

Potato Salad

10 med Potatoes boiled with skins on.  When cold – cut in small pieces
2 med. Onions sliced thin
1 green or red pepper (or both)
1 small cucumber
2 cold hard boiled eggs
mix above with mayonnaise and chill

Mayonnaise is too thick for a good dressing, so I always add 1 small can of condensed milk to 1 med jar of mayonnaise.  Beat thoroughly.

Note: In my mother’s day a medium jar of mayonnaise was 16 oz. (not the 15 oz. you will find today) and a small can of condensed milk was 6 oz. (not 5).


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