Jan’s Ghost Pepper Chocolate Sauce

We had not planned any dessert for this Sunday’s dinner. While we were eating, Jan was talking about her and Eilene’s visit to Monterey this week. While they went to the aquarium—of course—they also stopped at the Pepper Palace.

Jan’s Ghost Pepper Chocolate Sauce

Jan’s Ghost Pepper Chocolate Sauce

Every year Jan has a reunion with the friends with whom she went through graduate school. One of them, Beth, has a job at New Mexico State University, which has the Chili Pepper Institute.  She brought several packages of Bhut Kicking Brownie mix. Bhut Jolilia is the original Indian name for these supper hot peppers—which have a Scoville rating between 855,000 – 1,041,427 SHUs.

Note: Another of Jan’s friends, Miriam (the Elder) works at NMU as well, but did not make the reunion.

Jan like these brownies so much that she thought that she would make her own mix. The Pepper Palace had what she needed to get started. She bought some Ghost Pepper Sugar and Jolokia Hot chocolate. While she had not made the brownies for this dinner’s desert, (the Younger ) Miriam’s husband, Chris, suggested that she make a quick chocolate sauce to drizzle over ice cream.

Jan’s Ghost Pepper Chocolate Sauce


2 Tbs. organic bark hot chocolate mix (Equal Exchange)

1 Tbs. Pepper Palace Jololia Hot chocolate powder

1 Tbs. Pepper Palace Ghost Pepper Sugar

1+ Tbs. boiling hot water


1. Put the first three ingredients in a small cup and stir to mix into a thick sauce.

Note: The sugar is not available on their website, but you may be able to order it by phone.

2. Add just enough hot water to make a thick sauce.

3. Let the sauce rest for 3-4 minutes.

4. Drizzle over ice cream.

Note: The cream keeps the heat of the peppers tamed, but watch out for that first bite.


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