Karl’s Avocado, Mango Slaw with Lime Dressing

I am making Jan’s birthday meal of chicken mole, beans, and rice. That is a lot of meat and starch, but Jan also likes to be vegetable forward. My original idea was for a mango and avocado salad, but for seven people that would either be very small serving for each person or very expensive.

Karl’s Avocado, Mango Slaw with Lime Dressing

Karl’s Avocado, Mango Slaw with Lime Dressing

I needed to “bulk up” the salad. Shredded cabbage is a common ingredient in some Mexican dishes—like fish tacos. I decided that a cabbage slaw with mango, avocado would be just the thing. A lime dressing seemed an obvious choice to keep the avocado from turning brown.

After Dinner Note: This salad was a star of the a meal that had several high points. My guests each had two servings and Miriam had three. Jan worried that there wouldn’t be any left for her lunch on Monday—there was just enough.

Karl’s Avocado, Mango Slaw with Lime Dressing



1 lime juiced (~¼ cup)
2 Tbs. raw agave syrup
Pinch black pepper
Small pinch Kosher salt

2+ cups green cabbage, shredded
1+ cup red cabbage, shredded
2 mangoes, seeded, peeled and cubed

2 avocados, cubed


1. Put all of the dressing ingredients in a bowl and mix them well.

Tip: Jan feels that agave is better for you than honey, so for things like this I use what she prefers.

2. Put the cabbages and mango in a large mixing bowl.

Tip: Save back about half of a cup of the mango as garnish.

3. Pour all bit 1 tablespoon of the dressing over the salad and toss to coat.

Tip: Put the remaining mango in the bowl with the remaining dressing and toss to coat.

Note: When you cut open a mango you get two good slices from each side of the wide flat seed. the bit of the mango along the edges of the seed are hard to remove cleanly. I decided to use these less than pretty fruit bits in my mole.

4. Re-toss the salad to distribute the dressing several times over at least half an hour.

5. Just before serving put ¼ cup of the avocado in the small bowl with the mango and toss to coat.

Tip: Avocado turns brown very quickly upon exposure to the air. Citrus juice slows this down.

6. Place the rest of the avocado in the salad bowl and toss to mix in and coat them with the dressing.

7. Transfer the salad to a serving bowl and garnish with the avocado and mango.

8. Serve chilled.


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2 responses to “Karl’s Avocado, Mango Slaw with Lime Dressing

  1. That looks very good. I am going to make this. Thanks for sharing.

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