Karl’s Shrimp and Wild Rice Stuffed Mushrooms II

Timing is always a challenge when making a large meal, so an appetizer or three is always a good idea to keep the hordes at bay. I made these for Thanksgiving and everyone—except Eilene—loved them. I am making a festival meal for one of one of Jan’s Chinese students, so I thought I would make a variation of them for my guests.

Karl’s Shrimp and Wild Rice Stuffed Mushrooms II

Karl’s Shrimp and Wild Rice Stuffed Mushrooms II

Karl’s Shrimp and Wild Rice Stuffed Mushrooms II


12 large button mushrooms
2-3 Tbs. olive oil

6 large shrimp
2 Tbs. wild rice, cooked

2+ Tbs. green onion, minced
½ tsp. fresh thyme
½ tsp. chervil
Pinch Kosher salt
Pinch black pepper


1. Wipe any dirt off of the mushroom caps and remove the stems.

Tip: Use a sharp, narrow spoon to scrap out any large pieces of gill.

2. Set the mushroom caps hole side down and brush them with the olive oil.

3. Chop the shrimp medium finely.

4. Pull half the shrimp meat to the side and mince it very finely.

Tip: You want to have some of the shrimp texture, but the meat proteins linking up is what holds the filling together.

5. Transfer the shrimp to a bowl and add the wild rice.

Tip: Wild rice has very long grains. You want to cut them up a bit, but you do not want to mince them into a paste.

6. Add the minced green onion, thyme, chervil, salt, and pepper.

7. Use a spatula to mix the ingredients together well.

Tip: You do not want to over work the mixture, but as you mix the filling the proteins in the shrimp will link up to hold your stuffing together.

8. Use a spoon to fill each mushroom cap.

Note: Depending on how much filling you end up with, or the number of mushroom caps you are trying to fill, you may stuff the caps just full or have a heaping mound of stuffing rising above the mushroom.

9. Pam a small, lipped, baking sheet and place the mushrooms—cap side down—so that they are not toughing each other.

Tip: You want the heat of the oven to reach all parts of the mushrooms.

Note: As they roast, the mushrooms will release a fair amount of liquid. If you do not use a lipped tray it will spill all over your oven. You may save this liquid to add to a gravy or soup.

10. Put the mushrooms in a pre-heated 350º F oven for 15-20 minutes.

Tip: You want the stuffing cooked through, but you do not want the mushrooms to shrivel down to nothing.

11. Let them cool slightly and transfer them to a serving dish.

12. Serve warm.

Note: You may bake them up to two hours earlier and reheat them in a warm oven for five minutes.

Tip: If putting them on hold for more than 30 minutes, cover and refrigerate.


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2 responses to “Karl’s Shrimp and Wild Rice Stuffed Mushrooms II

  1. Looks incredible. Stuffed mushrooms are so good!

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