Karl’s Lime Apples

Many years ago, when my older daughter got her braces I was left with a dilemma. I had usually put an apple in her school lunch, but with the braces she could not longer just bite into them without pain. If I simply cut the fruit into wedges and put them in  a plastic bag they would turn brown and unappealing by her lunch time.

Karl’s Lime Apples

Karl’s Lime Apples

Citric acid—the sour juice of oranges, lemons and limes—prevents cut fruit from oxidizing—turning brown. While I could have used any citrus fruit, I decided on lime juice. However, the sweetness of the apple was not quite enough to keep the slices from being too tart. Adding some brown sugar gave the apple slices a pleasant sweet and sour taste.

Miriam loved these apples and was quite popular with her friends, because there was always enough to share. Younger daughter Eilene—for some reason—did not like these apples, so I have not made them in years. Yesterday, I had a visit from my niece and grandnieces. We decided to have a picnic and since the grandnieces are both under 5, it seemed a good time to resurrect this recipe.

Karl’s Lime Apples


1-3 apples

1-2 Tbs. lime juice
1-2 Tbs. dark brown sugar.


1. Cut the apples into sections and remove the stem and core.

Tip: How thinly you slice your apples is a personal choice, but I find cutting them into eight or smaller works well. You may peel them as well, if you have a picky eater.

Note: While I used Fiji apples this time, Granny Smiths are a good choice. You want a fairly firm fleshed apple that will not break down quickly.

2. Put the apple slices in a plastic bag and add the lime juice and sugar.

Tip: Fresh juice is best, but bottled will do.

Note: While if you are preparing these apples for serving immediately you may use a bowl, but I have always made them for a packed lunch.

3. Gently shake the bag to dissolve the sugar and to distribute the sauce all over the apples.

Tip: Do not handle the bag too roughly, you want to coat the slices without breaking them into pieces.

Note: Make sure that all of the slices get coated. Some of the slices will tend to stick together and prevent the sauce from reaching those cut surface.

4. While you may eat the slices immediately, they get better after a few hours of marinating.


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