Karl’s Salt and Pepper Barbecued Corn

Daughter Miriam has been sick lately and cannot eat anything in the pepper or lily families— no chili powders, garlic, leeks, onion, or peppers (even bell peppers).  This has made Sunday dinners quite a challenge lately. I needed to make something that was both flavorful, but without the things that would make her feel ill.

Karl’s Salt and Pepper Barbecued Corn

Karl’s Salt and Pepper Barbecued Corn

I decided to barbecue some tri-tip this Sunday. Miriam had requested corn-on-the-cob to go with the beef. Normally, I would slather the corn with butter and garlic. Today, I removed the garlic and simply used  salt and pepper.

Karl’s Salt and Pepper Barbecued Corn


3-4 ears of corn
1-2 Tbs. butter, melted
Pinch Kosher salt per ear
Pinch cracked black pepper per ear


1. Shuck the corn and remove the stem and any silk.

2. Set the corn in a shallow pan.

Tip: This will catch any butter that drips off of the corn.

3. Put the butter into a microwave safe cup and melt the butter, about 15 seconds.

4. Brush the butter on all sides of the corn.

5. Sprinkle fresh pepper and salt on all sides of the corn.

6. Lay the corn away from the coals and roast, with the barbecue lid closed, for 15-20 minutes.

7. Rotate the ears about every 5 minutes to get even browning an all sides of the corn.

8. Serve hot.

Tip: I find that a whole ear is too much for me, so I break each ear into 2-3 pieces before serving.


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