Karl’s Japanese Sunday Dinner

Japanese is one of my “go to” cuisines when I am planning a meal. A typical Japanese meal usually includes a selection of different small side dishes—with a variety of textures, colors, and flavors. For this dinner, I have some dishes developed to just the way I like them, some I have made so often that I had never posted any version—doesn’t everyone know how to make norimaki? Finally, there are the dishes I am still experimenting with.

Karl’s Japanese Sunday Dinner

Karl’s Japanese Sunday Dinner

The Japanese aesthetic—moritsuke—is that a meal is food for the soul as well as the stomach. While the dishes may be Japanese, the serving is American family style. The proper Japanese presentation is that every person’s  individual’s serving of each dish should to have its own little plate or bowl—also of varying shapes, sizes, and colors. The meal with its dishes are then served on a lacquer tray. The truth is That I simply so not have all of the tiny dishes to serve a family of five in the traditional way.

For this dinner I made sever dishes:

Karl’s Tekkamaki

Karl’s Barbecued Miso Teriyaki Chicken

Karl’s Japanese Style Potato Salad without Onions II

Karl’s Miso Sugar Snap Peas

Karl’s Teriyaki Shitaki Mushrooms

Dad’s Salt Pickled Cabbage, Kyabetsu Shio-zuke Tsukemono

Karl’s Pickled Japanese Cucumbers

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