Karl’s Corn and Mango Salsa

I am making Indian tacos this weekend and daughter Miriam cannot eat most of the salsas I am planning to make to top these Native American treats. Miriam is currently “off” garlic, onions, and chilies—which means I need a salsa that does not include any of these. Corn and mango came to mind and I went to work with that idea.

Karl’s Corn and Mango Salsa

Karl’s Corn and Mango Salsa

Karl’s Corn and Mango Salsa


1 ear white sweet corn

1 ripe mango

1 lime, juiced
¼ tsp. lime zest
¼ cup fresh cilantro, coarsely chopped
1 tsp. raw agave syrup
Pinch black pepper
Pinch Kosher salt


1. Broil the ear of corn until spotty browned.

Tip: Set the corn directly on the oven rack within two inches of the heating element. Rotate the corn every ten minutes until the ear is covered with spots of browning.

2. Let the corn cool and then remove the corn nibblets from the cob with a knife.

3. Peel and cut the mango into a ⅜ inch—about the same size as the corn nibblets.

4. Put the corn and mango into a mixing bowl and add the lime juice, zest, cilantro, agave, pepper, and salt.

5. Toss to mix and coat the ingredients.

6. Set the bowl aside to meld for half an hour.

7. Transfer to a serving bowl and serve slightly chilled.


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2 responses to “Karl’s Corn and Mango Salsa

  1. Corn and mango sound like a lovely sweet combination.

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