Karl’s Barbecue Roasted Potatoes

I have dozens of pictures on my desktop of dishes I that have created and never gotten around to posting. I had decided to barbecue a meatloaf, because it was so hot I did not want to cook indoors. Potatoes  go well with meatloaf, but cooking them created the same problem. I decided to cook the potatoes on the barbecue as well. Large potatoes, like Russets, can take too long to cook, so I used small Dutch yellow potatoes.

Karl’s Barbecue Roasted Potatoes

Karl’s Barbecue Roasted Potatoes

Note: I hesitate to even call this a recipe, it is more of a technique.

Karl’s Barbecue Roasted Potatoes


2-3 small Dutch yellow potatoes per person
1-2 Tbs. olive oil
Pinch Kosher salt


1. Rinse any dirt from your potatoes and pare away any bad spots.

2. Dry the potatoes and brush them with the oil.

3. Sprinkle the salt over the potatoes.

4. Place the potatoes on the cool side of your grill.

Note: When I was doing this I had the middle of the grill as the cool side—where I had placed my meatloaf.

5. Close the grill and bake/barbecue the potatoes until done, 30-40 minutes.

Tip: An inserted knife should slice in easily into the thickest potato.

6. Transfer the potatoes to a bowl and serve warm.

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