Karl’s Ginger White Peach Harcourt Verts

I have dozens of pictures on my desk top of dishes I have created and never gotten around to posting. I am constantly looking for new combinations to keep my meals interesting. I had made some white peach jam and thought that would go well with my green beans. Harcourt Verts—“beans green,” literally in French—are French green beans which are a bit thinner than the Blue Lake variety commonly used in America.

Karl’s Ginger White Peach Harcourt Verts

Karl’s Ginger White Peach Harcourt Verts

Note: My brother-in-law was coming to dinner and he has trouble with chewing. To make it easier on him, I cut the green beans into very small pieces.

Karl’s Ginger White Peach Harcourt Verts


½-¾ lb. Harcourt Verts

1 Tbs. Karl’s Ginger White Peach Jam
Pinch Kosher salt
Pinch black pepper


1. Trim and cut the green beans into 1-1½ inch pieces.

Note: I cut my beans into ½ inch pieces, for my brother-in-law.

2. Steam the green beans for 4-5 minutes.

Tip: Shock the beans by running cold water over them, to keep them from over cooking.

3. Spoon the jam over the beans and toss to distribute it over the beans.

4. Add pepper and salt to taste, and toss the beans again to distribute the seasonings.

5. Transfer the beans to a bowl and serve warm.

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