Karl’s Eggs Benjamin

Since I discovered a decent canned version of Hollandaise sauce, I have been making Eggs Benedict at least once a week. To keep myself interested, I have also make several variations—1, 2 and 3. This morning my wife had picked up some bagels for breakfast. While normally this would result in lox, cream cheese, and a bagel, I wondered if I could add an egg and Hollandaise? While the thicker half bagel was a bit harder to cut up—than an English muffin—it worked quite well.

Karl’s Eggs Benjamin

Karl’s Eggs Benjamin

Karl’s Eggs Benjamin


For each person being served

1 plain bagel

2 eggs

2 pats European butter (optional)

1 oz. lox or smoked salmon

2-3 Tbs. Hollandaise sauce


1. Cut the bagel in half crosswise and lightly toast it.

Tip: This forms two thinner circles of bagel.

Note: You want the bagel toasted, but not so much the edges become hard or burnt. You may add butter to your bagel halves which might seem a bit dry without it. I considered using cream cheese, but mixing the cheese and the Hollandaise sauce seemed too much.

2. While the bagel toasts poach the eggs, about 5-6 minutes in hot simmering water.

Tip: You do want your water to be hot enough to cook your egg through, but you do not want it to be at a roiling boil as it will knock the egg about creating an excess of foam.

3. Assembling the eggs Benjamin:

a. Set the bagel halves flat sides up on your plate.

b. Lay enough of the salmon on to cover the bagel halves.

c. Set the poached eggs on top of the lox.

d. Spoon the Hollandaise over the eggs.

4. Serve warm.

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