Karl’s Egg McDad’s Muffin

My daughter is of an age to like Egg McMuffins, but I am hardly going to run out in the morning to buy her one. It is so much easier just to whip one up myself. Throw together a Thomas’ English muffin, a slice of Canadian bacon, a slice of sharp cheddar cheese, and a scrambled egg, what could be simpler?

Karl’s Egg McDad’s Muffin

Karl’s Egg McDad’s Muffin

Karl’s Egg McDad’s Muffin


1 egg
½ tsp. milk
Pinch black pepper
Tiny pinch of Kosher salt

A mere smear of butter, for frying

1 English muffin

1 slice of Canadian bacon

1 slice of sharp cheddar cheese


1. Crack the egg into a small cup and add the milk, pepper, and salt.

2. Scramble the egg and set it aside.

3. Split the muffin cross-ways and toast it.

Tip: Do not over toast the bread.

4. Lightly fry the Canadian bacon.

5. Lightly butter an 8 inch non-stick pan over a low heat.

6. Pour the scrambled egg into the pan and rotate the pan, so that the egg completely covers the bottom of the pan.

7. Cover the pan and cook for one minute or until the top surface of the scrambled egg is almost set.

8. Fold the sheet of egg in half and then into a quarter.

Tip: Use a spatula to free the edges of the egg along one side of the cooked egg.

Note: Try not to tear the edges of the egg, while you releasing it from the pan or folding the egg sheet over.

Assembling Karl’s Egg McDad’s Muffin

Assembling Karl’s Egg McDad’s Muffin

9. Remove the pan from the heat, recover, and set the egg aside to finish cooking.

10. Lay the cheese slice on the muffin and melt it on the broiler setting of the toaster oven.

Tip: The standard pre-cut cheese slice is too big for most English muffins. I tear the slice into quarters and lay them on both halves of the muffin so that there is cheese on both the top and bottom of the breakfast sandwich.

11. Put the bottom slice of the muffin on a plate and lay the folded egg on top.

Tip: You may add another grind of pepper if you like.

12. Put the slice of Canadian bacon on the egg and top the bacon with the second half of the muffin.

13. Serve warm.

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