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Karl’s Keto Moroccan Artichoke Tajine (Tagine)

This Sunday I am making a Moroccan barbecued tri-tip. Miriam requested a stone fruit and corn salad to go with it. Son-in-law Chris is still on his ketogenic diet, so large amounts of both corn and fruit are forbidden to him. I don’t want him to starve or to live only on meat, so I had to think of a third dish that would fit into his diet.

Karl’s Keto Moroccan Artichoke Tajine (Tagine)

Karl’s Keto Moroccan Artichoke Tajine (Tagine)

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Karl’s Caldo Verde (Portuguese Kale Soup)

Adapted from a Leite’s Culinaria recipe

Most of the people of Portuguese ancestry in San Jose actually come from the Azores. Although many families have been here for more than one hundred years, they still maintain a strong sense of cultural identity and family ties to the home islands. If they have room in their yard for a garden, you may be sure that kale is growing in there. Caldo Verde, green broth, a kale and potato soup is a staple of Portuguese cuisine.

Karl’s Caldo Verde (Portuguese Kale Soup)

Karl’s Caldo Verde
Portuguese Kale Soup

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