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Karl’s Italian Vegetable Soup

Jan is hosting this year’s Ladies Christmas Get-together. Some of her friends are vegetarian. I am making a chicken dish for the meat eaters and a pasta dish for the pasta lovers. We decided that a soup would be a good dish for the vegetarians.

Karl’s Italian Vegetable Soup

Karl’s Italian Vegetable Soup

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Karl’s Italian Wedding Soup

Jan asked for some comforting, warm Italian Wedding Soup. After a brief warm spell, winter just came back to San Jose with a vengeance and there is snow on the brown hills. San Jose is in the south of the Bay Area with hills on both sides, there is a reason they call it Silicon Valley.  Locals orient themselves by the color of the hills.  The green hills, the coastal range, are always green and west. The brown hills, the Diablo Range, are higher, dryer and east. If there is any snow near San Jose it will be at the top of Mount Diablo.

Karl's Itallian Wedding Soup

Karl’s Itallian Wedding Soup

I did not like any of the recipes on-line; they were either too simple or too complex. Although I generally avoid recipes that are “add can of A” to “can of B,” I am not a food-Nazi. I will use some shortcuts, especially if it is a weekday meal. I looked up what defines Italian Wedding Soup on Wikipedia. The basic ingredients are green vegetables, meat (usually meatballs), chicken broth, and usually some kind of small pasta. I decided to be creative.

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