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Karl’s Wise Sage Stew

Adapted from a recipe on The Hobbit

Eilene and her friends are still watching the Tolkien Ring Trilogy. For lunch I served them sausage, raw carrots, and lembas bread. Eilene is tied of beef, so I am making a pork stew for dinner. They have also requested more lembas bread (yes, it was that good).

Karl’s Wise Sage Stew

Karl’s Wise Sage Stew

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Fellowship of the Ring Feast

Eilene is having a bunch of friends over for a New Year’s marathon of Fellowship of the Rings. The first meal I made for them is a traveling lunch: sausage, lembas bread and raw heirloom carrot sticks. It is truly amazing how much teenage girls can put away.

Fellowship of the Ring Feast

Fellowship of the Ring Feast

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