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Fellowship of the Ring Feast

Eilene is having a bunch of friends over for a New Year’s marathon of Fellowship of the Rings. The first meal I made for them is a traveling lunch: sausage, lembas bread and raw heirloom carrot sticks. It is truly amazing how much teenage girls can put away.

Fellowship of the Ring Feast

Fellowship of the Ring Feast

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Karl’s Lembas Bread

Adapted from a recipe by Derek C.

Lembas Bread is travel bread; it should be nourishing, compact and sturdy. In quick breads the point is to knead the dough as little as possible, so that your bread soft and crumbly. For travel bread you want just the opposite. You want to knead the bread as much as you can to create the gluten that will make the bread tough, dense, and transportable without falling apart.

Karl's Lembas Bread

Karl’s Lembas Bread

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