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Miriam’s Stuffed Chicken

Baked chicken? Boring.  I ate a lot of baked chicken as a kid, and it was boring.  (Sorry dad). But stuffing baked chicken can be awesome.  It transforms a boring, bland and surprisingly tricky dish into a delicious and spiffy one.  This is the spirit behind the butcher counter pre-stuffed chicken: easy peasy elegance.  Except for the fact that every pre-stuffed chicken I’ve ever bought has suffered from vague cooking directions, watery chicken, and too much stuffing.  I’ve also screwed up a plethora of stuffed chicken recipes all on my own: over stuffing, over cooking, under cooking, simply falling apart.
Weeknight awesome

So tonight when I made an awesome stuffed chicken, it was a Eureka Moment. All of my past mistakes were made clear, resolved by serendipity and hindsight.  I had everything I needed, I treated the ingredients right, I listened to my gut when cooking, and I served right away.

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