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Karl’s Greek Salad Bar

I am making lamb for Easter and I wanted a salad to go with my lamb and pasta dishes. A Greek salad seemed to be the way to go. This is a rustic salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, olives, feta cheese dressed with salt and herbed olive oil. In America this is usually serves over a bed of lettuce. I decided to use a mixed herb salad.

Karl's Greek Salad Bar

Karl’s Greek Salad Bar

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Karl’s Greek Artichoke Salad

I am making lemon rice to go with my Greek lamb. Starch is not on my son-in-law’s diet. I need a substantial vegetables salad, so he does not go hungry. Throwing out the orzo in my Greek salad and replacing it with artichoke hearts struck my fancy.

Karl’s Greek Artichoke Salad

Karl’s Greek Artichoke Salad

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