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Karl’s Red Pear Harcourt Verts

I am making Thanksgiving dinner and I had decided to have green beans as a side dish. However, I wanted something I could prep ahead and just pop under the broiler, when the turkey came out. Harcourt Verts are a thin French green beans that would be perfect for this purpose. Since I was using French green beans I thought that using fancy red d’Anjou pears would  be a go together.

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Karl’s Garlic and Chive Harcourt Vert

I wanted a green vegetable to go with roasted turkey and stuffing. The traditional American side dish involves overcooked green beans, canned mushroom soup and fried onions. Some people actually look forward to this dish every year.

Karl’s Garlic and Chive Harcourt Vert

Karl’s Garlic and Chive Harcourt Vert

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