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Karl’s Thanksgiving Stuffing II

My Thanksgiving stuffing is based on my mother’ s dressing. I may play around with the other sides and how I cook the turkey, but this is something that I always make very close to the same way each year.   I have made many improvements on my mother’s recipe over the years, but this—more than the turkey—says, “Thanksgiving” to me.

Karl’s Thanksgiving Stuffing II

Karl’s Thanksgiving Stuffing II

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Claudia’s Poultry Dressing

When I left home I copied out my favorite recipes from my mother’s card file. These recipes were limited to what she could fit onto a 3×5 card. They were meant more to remind her how to make a dish, rather than to instruct someone else on how to make them. They were sometimes quite cryptic to the uninitiated. The Thanksgiving stuffing I make today is a direct descendant of Claudia’s dressing. Continue reading

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