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Karl’s Samsa with Spinach and Paneer (Baked Samosa)

Adapted from a World Cook recipe

Today I was surfing the web looking for a new idea, some recipe, some country’s food I had not yet tried to make.  I stumbled upon World Cook, a site out of the Netherlands with recipes from 133 countries (currently there are officially 196 countries total). It does not purport to be comprehensive, some countries have many recipes, others only a single one. You can search by country, ingredient, and day of the year. Many of the recipes have a bit of cultural background added to them if they are associated with a particular holiday. The site is also a bit of a travel log of their family’s visits to places away from home.

I spent hours exploring the site and it had an odd quirk. Whenever you select a recipe to look at, a second unrelated recipe appeared on the same page. For example the page for the Uzbekistan Samsa recipe also had one for Tomato Soup.  One recipe would lead you to another, and another, and another. It became addictive to see where it all would lead. I finally chose the samsa recipe, but the original Uzbek recipe was a bit boring.  The dough was OK, but the filling was just spinach and onions.  I was going to have to spice this recipe up.

Karl's Samsa with Spinach and Paneer (baked samosa)

Karl’s Samsa with Spinach and Paneer
(baked samosa)

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