Papa English’s One-eyed Jacks (Punch-Out Eggs)

This is a recipe from Jan’s family. Truth be told, it is more of a technique than a recipe. This is so simple that even guys who do not cook can get this done. Breakfast in bed anyone?

Note on Name Change: Jan informed me that this is a recipe her father made when they were camping.

Jan’s One-eyed Jacks (Punch-Out Eggs)

Jan’s One-eyed Jacks
(Punch-Out Eggs)

The directions given are for the lowest fat version of this recipe.  The original was more of a real English Fry-up.  Cook fatty bacon in the skillet first and then fry the bread and eggs in the bacon grease.

Equipment needed

Equipment needed

Papa English’s One-eyed Jacks (Punch-Out Eggs)


1 slice of bread, per person
Dab of margarine or butter
Pam cooking spray (optional)
1 egg, per person
Pepper (optional)
1-2 slices of bacon, per person (optional)

Equipment needed

Jar lid
Butter knife
Skillet or griddle
Pancake turner


1. Lay the bread on a cutting board or plate and use the jar lid to punch out a 2¾ inch hole in the bread.

Note: Jan prefers whole wheat flax seed bread, but any sliced sour dough or white bread will work. The only limit is that it has to be at least 3¼ inches across in both directions, so that you still have an edge to hold the egg in.

2. Spread the margarine (or butter) around the rim of the slice of bread with the hole in it and put it, butter side down, on the griddle.

Note: The hot oil under the edges of the bread creates a barrier that keeps the runny part of the egg white inside the hole.

3. Put the cut out round of bread on the griddle.

Note: If you are not watching your weight you may spread butter on one side of this and put it “butter side down.”

4. Turn on the heat to the middle temperature (if there are numbers on the dial that is 5 of ten).

Note: If you are making bacon as well put it on the griddle now. Jan prefers low fat turkey bacon.

5. Spray Pam in the hole in the bread and drop an egg into the hole in the bread.

Tip: Try not to break the yoke when you open the egg shell.

Eggs set and ready to flip

Eggs set and ready to flip

6. When the bottom of the egg is well set and white (about 1½ to 2 minutes), use the pancake turner to flip the egg and bread over. Again, be gentle, you do not want to break the yoke.

Note: Flip the bacon and bread round as well.

Tip: If you want your One-eyed Jack sunny side up, do not flip your egg. Although if you do this you may need to put a lid over the One-eyed Jack to make sure the top part of the egg is cooked enough to be safe.

7. After about one minute, flip the one-eyed jack again. if you wish sprinkle a bit of pepper on top.

8. Depending on how runny you like your eggs you may serve your one-eyed Jack now, or give it a bit longer on the griddle to set more fully.

9. Repeat steps 1 to 8 for each person you are planning to serve.

Note: If you are cooking for several people at once, cook the bacon first and then fry the bread and eggs. Most griddles will handle three or four slices of bread at one time. Bread round may be toasted in a toaster oven.

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