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Karl’s One-eyed Jacques (French Toast Punch-Out Eggs)

I was making French toast for Jan’s breakfast. My wife never eats an egg as well when she has French toast, but I wanted one. I suddenly remembered her family recipe for One-eyed Jacks and I wondered, why not make it with French toast? Of course that would make it a One-eyed Jacques.

Karl’s One-eyed Jacques (French Toast Punch-Out Eggs)

Karl’s One-eyed Jacques
French Toast Punch-Out Eggs

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Papa English’s One-eyed Jacks (Punch-Out Eggs)

This is a recipe from Jan’s family. Truth be told, it is more of a technique than a recipe. This is so simple that even guys who do not cook can get this done. Breakfast in bed anyone?

Note on Name Change: Jan informed me that this is a recipe her father made when they were camping.

Jan’s One-eyed Jacks (Punch-Out Eggs)

Jan’s One-eyed Jacks
(Punch-Out Eggs)

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