Karl’s Champaigne Pickled Radishes

I am making crab cakes and in looking for recipes, I found one that included shredded radishes as a garnish. The white strips with red tips produced a very pretty effect. Another recipe included Champaigne coleslaw. Since I had already decided on using an herb salad as the base of my dish, I decided to combine these two ideas as a garnish and make lightly pickled radish shreds.

Karl’s Champaigne Pickled Radishes

Karl’s Champaigne Pickled Radishes

Use the radishes within an hour of making them. As the radishes continue to pickle the red of the skins dissolves into the vinegar and dies the whole radish pink. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it is still tasty, but you lose the look of the two color garnish.

Karl’s Champaigne Pickled Radishes, second day

Karl’s Champaigne Pickled Radishes
second day

Karl’s Champaigne Pickled Radishes


4 red radishes

1 Tbs. champagne vinegar
1 tsp. sugar
Pinch lemon zest
Pinch tarragon
Pinch sea salt


1. Shred the radishes finely.

Tip: This is very easy to do with a mandoline.

2. Put the remaining ingredients in a bowl and warm them slightly until the sugar and salt have dissolved.

3. Cool the vinaigrette and add the radishes.

4. Pickle for one

hour, tossing occasionally to redistribute the vinaigrette.



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