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Karl’s Crab Cakes with Aioli and Champaign Pickled Radishes

This meal started in a very different place than it ended. In the morning, I suggested to Jan that I make fish that night. Lately, that has meant fish tacos, but I am getting board with that. Jan suggested lobster rolls, but that is too expensive in California. I suggested Langoustine, which are kind of Italian mini-lobsters. When I got to the store, I found no Langoustine and there was not even any lobster.

Karl’s Crab Cakes with Aioli and Champaign Pickled Radishes

Karl’s Crab Cakes
with Aioli and Champaign Pickled Radishes

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Karl’s Champaigne Pickled Radishes

I am making crab cakes and in looking for recipes, I found one that included shredded radishes as a garnish. The white strips with red tips produced a very pretty effect. Another recipe included Champaigne coleslaw. Since I had already decided on using an herb salad as the base of my dish, I decided to combine these two ideas as a garnish and make lightly pickled radish shreds.

Karl’s Champaigne Pickled Radishes

Karl’s Champaigne Pickled Radishes

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