Karl’s Aioli

I am making aioli for my crab cakes. This sauce is more or less mayonnaise with garlic. You may make it mellow by roasting the garlic first or make it really strong by putting in a lot of raw garlic. For my crab cakes I want a little bite, but I do not want the garlic to overpower the crab. I am adding just one small clove of garlic.

Karl’s Aioli

Karl’s Aioli

The last time I made mayonnaise I used olive oil, just like most of the recipes on-line. All you could taste was OLIVE OIL. Today, I am using soybean oil (sold as “vegetable oil”) which is fairly light and tasteless.

After Dinner Note: Soybean oil worked very well for making this sauce. You could clearly taste the garlic, lemon, and spices rather than just the oil.

Karl’s Aioli


1 egg yolk
1 Tbs. lemon juice
1 small clove garlic
Pinch sea salt
Dash white pepper
Dash cayenne

½ cup vegetable oil (soybean)


1. Put the egg yolk and lemon juice in a standing blender.

2. Process the garlic to a fine paste.

Tip: I used a microplane grater and then the edge of a knife to smash the garlic into a super fine paste.

3. Add the garlic, salt, and peppers to the blender.

4. Start the blender blades on the lowest setting and dribble the oil into the blender slowly.

Tip: you want the spinning blades to emulsify the oil into the other ingredients. If you just dump the oil in it will just mix the ingredients together and they will separate quickly.

5. When you have added all of the oil, scrape the blender sides and process for one more minute.

Note: Real mayonnaise and aioli are raw egg sauces. Do not leave them out at room temperature for more than two hours. If use them in a dish like potato salad, the same rules apply. Salmonella is no fun.

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