Karl’s Ponzu Edamame

You can buy ponzu sauce in many Asian stores and even some of the larger supermarkets (at least in California). I had made some fresh ponzu sauce and I was experimenting with what I could do with it. I had bought some frozen edamame pods, which are immature soybeans, picked before they’ve had a chance to turn into the harden beans. Tossing these delicate morsels with the sauce seemed like such a good idea—one more small plate for my Japanese dinner.

Karl’s Ponzu Edamame

Karl’s Ponzu Edamame

Note: I would barely consider this a recipe, but it was quite tasty.

Note2: Ponzu sauce contains dashi (bonito broth), so it is not Vegan, but it is OK if you are a pesco-vegetarian.

Karl’s Ponzu Edamame


1 bag (12 oz.) edamame in the shell (frozen in the pods)

1 Tbs. ponzu sauce


1. Boil the edamame for 2-3 minutes in lightly salted water.

Tip: These pods are already pre-cooked, so you are really only warming them up.

2. Drain the pods and toss them with the ponzu sauce.

3. Transfer the edamame to a serving bowl.

Tip: The pods themselves are inedible, so do not just pop them into your mouth and start chewing.

Note: To eat these little wonders of flavor—take a pod by the stem and place most of the pod in your mouth. Close your teeth lightly over the pod and gently pull the pod from your mouth. The soy beans inside will pop out of the pod and your teeth will scrap some of the ponzu sauce off the outside of the pod. Enjoy!


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