Karl’s  Argentinean Ensalada Mixta (Mixed Greens Salad)

I am barbecuing Argentinean beef and I wanted a salad to go with it. While some Argentinean salads are more Mediterranean  influenced—filled with eggs, potatoes, or fruit—the salad commonly served with asado—barbecue—is almost Japanese in its simplicity. A few high quality ingredients, simply dressed. The flavors of the ingredients should stand proudly on their own.

Karl’s  Argentinean Ensalada Mixta (Mixed Greens Salad)

Karl’s  Argentinean Ensalada Mixta
(Mixed Greens Salad)

Karl’s  Argentinean Ensalada Mixta (Mixed Greens Salad)



¼ cup olive oil
2 Tbs. red wine vinegar
¼ tsp. black pepper, cracked
Pinch kosher salt
Pinch yellow mustard powder

6-8 oz. mesclun (mixed leafy greens)
2 beefsteak tomatoes, cut into thin wedges


1. Put the dressing ingredients in a small lidded jar and shake them up.

Tip: While this is not authentic, the yellow mustard acts as an emulsifier and keeps the oil and vinegar from separating.

Note: Make the dressing at least half an hour before dinner and shake it several time to keep it emulsified.

2. Put the greens in a serving bowl and top with the tomatoes.

Note: I put the tomatoes in a side bowl, because some of my dinners prefer to control how many tomato pieces they get.

3. Serve the dressing on the side, again so the dinners can control how much they want to put on.

Tip: Also, the salt in the dressing starts to wilt the lettuce as soon as it comes in contact and putting the dressing on at the tables guaranties the crispest greens.


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