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Karl’s  Argentinean Ensalada Mixta (Mixed Greens Salad)

I am barbecuing Argentinean beef and I wanted a salad to go with it. While some Argentinean salads are more Mediterranean  influenced—filled with eggs, potatoes, or fruit—the salad commonly served with asado—barbecue—is almost Japanese in its simplicity. A few high quality ingredients, simply dressed. The flavors of the ingredients should stand proudly on their own.

Karl’s  Argentinean Ensalada Mixta (Mixed Greens Salad)

Karl’s  Argentinean Ensalada Mixta
(Mixed Greens Salad)

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Karl’s Simple Mexican Rice

Technique drawn from Mel’s Kitchen Café

I have made a more complex version of this dish, but today I wanted a simple side dish that would not distract from the star dish, the chicken. Also, half of my diners this week are not eating starch, so it would be wasted effort. I have been trying to make Mexican rice for years with only limited success.

Karl’s Simple Mexican Rice

Karl’s Simple Mexican Rice

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