Karl’s Salmon Toasts Points with Dill Sauce

This week, I am doing Sunday brunch for Mother’s Day and Miriam’s birthday. Miriam and mom agreed that something with salmon would be good. I decided on salmon toast points with dill sauce.

Karl’s Salmon Toasts Points with Dill Sauce

Karl’s Salmon Toasts Points with Dill Sauce

I was making several dishes for this meal and I struggled with the timing. I wanted crisp toast, warm salmon and a flavorful sauce to bind the salmon together. This being a fancy brunch I wanted to have clear chunks of flaked salmon resting on the toast, not a tuna salad smear of fish and sauce.

If I assembled everything too early, I was going to end up with cold soggy toast covered with congealed fish and sauce. My solution was to poach the fish and toast the bread earlier. I then assembled the toast points ready to toss into the oven. Just before serving, I broiled the toast points just enough to warm the fish and drizzled the sauce on at the last minute.

Note: I am also making avocado eggs, fruit salad and mimosa to serve with this Mother’s day brunch.

After Dinner Note: While the flavor was good, I over-toasted the bread. When you toast the sourdough, do so very lightly.

Karl’s Salmon Toasts Points with Dill Sauce


½ cup wine
2 Tbs. fresh dill, minced, separate uses
2 Tbs. red onion, minced
Pinch Kosher salt
Pinch white pepper

1 lb. salmon fillet

½ cup mayonnaise

6 slices sourdough bread, lightly toasted

2 Tbs. chives, finely sliced


1. Put the wine, 1½ tablespoons of the dill, the onion, salt and pepper in a small pan.

Note: The pan should have a lid.

2. Poach the salmon in the wine and of the dill.

Tip: Lay the salmon skin side up into the poaching liquid.

Note: Bring the liquid to a low simmer, do not reach a full boil. Cover the pan and poach the fish for 8-12 minutes—depending on the thickness of your filet.

3. Remove the salmon to a plate to cool.

4. If necessary reduce the pan liquid and strain out the solids.

Tip: You want about 2-3 tablespoons of liquid when you are done.

Note: Normally I am opposed to straining solids out of a dish—as a waste of food. However this is a small amount—not whole carrots and stalks of celery—and I wanted my sauce to be smooth, not chunky.

5. When the fish is cool, flake the salmon.

Note: Remove the skin and any grey flesh just under the skin. Break the fish, with your fingers, into large attractive flakes.

6. After the pan liquid has cooled, stir in the remaining dill, mayonnaise, and adjust the seasoning by add more salt and pepper.

7. Toast and cut the bread slices diagonally.

Tip: If you are being particularly refined, cut off the crusts—but that would not be me.

8. Spread the salmon flakes over the toasts and lay them out on a lipped baking tray.

Tip: You may put this dish on hold at this point, if you need to work on other dishes.

9. Just before serving, broil the salmon toasts for two minutes to warm them.

10. Arrange two toast points on each plate.

Note: I am also serving avocado eggs which will be in the center of each plate with the toasts placed on either side.

11. Drizzle the sauce over the salmon and garnish with the chives.


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