Karl’s Thai Curried Deviled Egg

I frequently make deviled eggs for my wife Jan’s Ethno Breakfast. I try to keep things interesting—for me—by creating a new recipe each time I do this. This is a risky business, as not all new creations are successful—some experiments are simply not something to put into someone else’s mouth.

Karl’s Thai Curried Deviled Egg

Karl’s Thai Curried Deviled Egg

When I am having lunch alone and I have an extra boiled egg or two on hand—something that takes planning—I will experiment on myself. Last week I thought, “I love Eggs Benedict! What about Eggs Benedict deviled eggs?” I replaced the Japanese mayonnaise with Hollandaise sauce, and diced up some Canadian bacon. It sounds like a good idea, but in tasting not so much.

This time I was getting ready for a Thai feast for Sunday’s dinner. There was a boiled egg and a bottle of Thai red curry paste. This was a much happier experiment, the next Ethno Breakfast will have something new to try.

Karl’s Thai Curried Deviled Egg


1 egg

½ tsp. Japanese mayonnaise
¼ tsp. Thai red curry paste
¼ tsp. lime juice

6 slices white part of the green onion as garnish


1. Cut the cold, peeled egg in half on the long axis.

Tip: Hold the half egg gently by the thick white ends and press the back of the egg to pop the yolks into a custard cup, remove any yolk remaining in the hole.

2. Use a fork to mash the egg yolk into a fine powdery mass.

3. Stir the mayonnaise and curry paste into the egg yolk.

Tip: This mixture will be still be very thick and sticky.

4. Add the lime juice to the yolk mixture—a tiny bit at a time—and whisk the mixture until the yolk has your desired consistency.

5. Spoon the filling into the holes of the half eggs and arrange them on your plate.

6. Garnish with each half with 3 slices of the white parts of a green onion.

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