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Karl’s  Cal-South American Empanadas

I am barbecuing Argentinean beef and I wanted some kind of starchy side dish. Although it is from the other end of the South American continent, I suggested Venezuelan arapas—basically a thick corn pancake—but for some reason Jan said “No.” She was more amenable to empanadas—stuffed pocket bread.

Karl’s  Cal-South American Empanadas

Karl’s Cal-South American Empanadas

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Karl’s Italian Sausage Lasagna with Vegetable “Noodles”

The kids are on one of their low-starch diets—South Beach this time—so I have to adapt my Sunday meals to this. Personally, I believe that the secret losing weight is in not eliminating any particular “evil” food group, but in eating healthy and eating less—a bit of exercise wouldn’t hurt (the pot calling the kettle). There is no healthy way to eat massive amounts of food and still lose weight—still I try to accommodate.

Karl’s Italian Sausage Lasagna with Vegetable “Noodles”

Karl’s Italian Sausage Lasagna with Vegetable “Noodles”

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