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Karl’s Quick Spicy Cabbage (Kimchi)

I am making a salmon teriyaki with ponzu sauce and I like to have a variety of pickled side dishes with any Japanese style meal.  One of the dishes I made used the ponzu sauce and another I made with just the yuzu skin (the citrus part of the ponzu sauce). I wanted some contrast between my side dishes, so I decided to make a quick spicy kimchi. Real kimchi  should be fermented for days or even weeks, but I wanted some of the flavor with none of the waiting.

Karl’s Quick Spicy Cabbage (Kimchi)

Karl’s Quick Spicy Cabbage (Kimchi)

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Karl’s Tsukemono

Tsukemono means “pickled things.” The Japanese make many different pickles in many different ways, from a quick pickled cucumber that in ready to eat in one hour to Takwan— whole pickled daikon radishes that take months to ferment. Most Japanese meals include some form of pickle.


Karl’s Hakusai (Napa Cabbage Pickle)

Karl’s Hakusai
(Napa Cabbage Pickle)

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