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Karl’s Sichuan Pickled Cabbage with Red Peppers

I needed a vegetable dish to go with my Dàn dàn noodles and Sichuan chicken. The Chinese are not much into uncooked vegetable side dishes, unless they are pickled in some way. This is the closest that Chinese cuisine comes to a “salad.”

Karl’s Sichuan Pickled Cabbage with Red Peppers

Karl’s Sichuan Pickled Cabbage
with Red Peppers

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Karl’s California International Pickles

Two Sundays ago, I bought some Persian cucumbers for a dinner that did not happen. I did not want them to spoil. There were too many of them just to eat on my own, so I decided to make pickles with them.

Karl’s California International Pickles

Karl’s California International Pickles

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