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Karl’s Dàn Dàn Miàn (Sichuan Peddler’s Noodles)

Dàn dàn miàn (担担面; “peddler’s noodles”) are boiled noodles with a spicy sesame/peanut sauce poured over them. The story goes that lunch peddler’s would carry a dàn dàn—a shoulder pole with a bucket on either end—with the cooked noodles in one bucket and the spicy sauce in the other. When you bought your lunch you were expected to provide your own bowl and the seller would put in some noodles and splash some of the sauce over them.

Karl’s Dàn Dàn Miàn (Sichuan Peddler’s Noodles)

Karl’s Dàn Dàn Miàn
Sichuan Peddler’s Noodles

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Karl’s Sichuan Chili Oil

I am making a Sichuan Dinner tonight. So two days ago I started making my chili oil. Sichuan chili oil can be much more than just dried chilies cooked in oil.

Karl’s Sichuan Chili Oil

Karl’s Sichuan Chili Oil

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