Karl’s Open-faced Chicken Salad Sandwiches on Pita Bread

I made chicken stock yesterday, which always leaves me with the problem of what to do with the chicken bits I pick off the neck and back bones. I know that the professional chefs consider this meat “used up” after they have made a stock. They simply discard it as being tough, flavorless, and too much trouble to pick off the bones. As a home cook, I cannot help but think this is wasteful.

Karl’s Open-faced Chicken Salad Sandwiches on Pita Bread

Karl’s Open-faced Chicken Salad Sandwiches
on Pita Bread

Usually, I will simply put these bits back into the soup, but yesterday’s soup needed a clear broth. I have a cup of little bits of cooked chicken for which I must find a use. One thing that I like—but that Jan will not touch for some reason—is chicken salad sandwiches. Since she is at the university—enjoying the last serving of the lemongrass soup—I am free to do as I like.

Karl’s Open-faced Chicken Salad Sandwiches on Pita Bread


1 cup cooked chicken
1 stalk celery, diced
1 green onion, sliced finely
2-3 Tbs. mayonnaise
Black pepper, to taste
Kosher salt, to taste

1 pita bread per person


1. Mince the chicken into small bits and place it in a small mixing bowl.

2. Add the celery, onion, mayonnaise, pepper, and salt and stir to mix.

Tip: We use Kraft fat-free Mayo, because of Jan’s dietary restrictions, but your favorite will do.

Note: If you are someone concerned about high fructose corn syrup, you will probably not want to use Kraft fat-free as it is listed as number five on its ingredient list.

3. Toast the pita and cut it into quarters.

4. Spread the chicken salad on the pita and arrange them on a plate.

5. To add more vegetables to this lunch, I threw in some salt cabbage and an olive for color. Enjoy!

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