Karl’s Leftovers: Chili Dogs

When I make my Sunday meals, I usually make enough for one to three leftover meals. Sometimes this means just the same meal again. Other times I use whatever is left over as the basis for a new dish.

Karl’s Leftovers: Chili Dogs

Karl’s Leftovers: Chili Dogs

My Desk Top is getting cluttered with photos of leftovers dishes that I have made and not posted. I decided to do a series of short post about these dishes. Not so much as recipes, but as ideas of ways to use your own leftovers.

Last week I made Quick Chili. It was so good that only one serving remained for another meal. I could have just eaten it myself as a lunch, but that would have been greedy. I decided on chili dogs as a weekday dinner, so that we all could have another taste of this amazing chili.

This chili was really good on the first day. After two days of melding it had become phenomenal. This, however, is a really messy meal to eat—you will need to put out a lot of napkins.

Karl’s Leftovers: Chili Dogs


1½ cups Karl’s Quick Beef Chili with Beans
1 pkg. Hebrew National bun length franks
1 pkg. whole wheat hot dog buns
¼ cup yellow onions, diced

Optional additions

Grated cheddar cheese


1. Re-heat the chili and cook the hot dogs.

2. Lightly toast the buns.

3. Dinners dress their buns to their liking, add the hot dog and then top with chili and onions and/or cheese.

Note: You will need lots and lots and lots of napkins.






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2 responses to “Karl’s Leftovers: Chili Dogs

  1. Yum, this looks soo good!

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