Karl’s Leftovers: Eilene’s Bento

When I make my Sunday meals, I usually make enough for one to three leftover meals. Sometimes this means just the same meal again. Other times I use whatever is left over as the basis for a new dish.

Karl’s Leftovers: Eilene’s Bento

Karl’s Leftovers: Eilene’s Bento

My Desk Top is getting cluttered with photos of leftovers dishes that I have made and not posted. I decided to do a series of short post about these dishes. Not so much as recipes, but as ideas of what you may do with your own leftovers.

A while ago, I made a Japanese feast for a Sunday dinner. A traditional Japanese meal is not just one or two dishes, but many small servings of meat, rice and vegetables—presented artistically. There was enough left of several of the dishes to make a proper Japanese bento for Eilene’s lunch.

Note:  Bentos are a Japanese lunch box. They usually are made up of five or more separate small dishes. Assembling them is an art form in itself beyond simply making the small dishes that compose them up.

Karl’s Leftovers: Eilene’s Bento


3 Inarizushi *

⅓ cup Karl’s Yuzu Japanese Cucumber Pickles

⅓ cup Karl’s Salt Pickled Cabbage with Japanese Chilies II, Kyabetsu Shio-zuke Tsukemono

⅓ cup Karl’s Fresh Tofu with Bonito Shavings

½ cup Wakame Salad

1 Tbs. gari

* Note: In writing this I noticed that I have never posted my inari recipe. One reason is that it is such a normal dish for me it seems hardly worth mentioning. I will have to rectify this soon.


1. Arrange each food item, so that the whole is visually attractive.

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